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New Interior Design Trends Focus on Simplicity

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Erin Tuemler and Kerry Darwish, owner of Interior Design Consulting in Bellevue, KY walk us through the latest interior design trends, which focus on simplicity and functionality.

Design trends are always evolving. And alongside those regular shifts in design styles, the pandemic has altered how homeowners live in their houses. People are being more intentional with their purchases, thinking things through based on how their family functions.

The latest design trends reflect that shift in lifestyle with a focus on simplicity and functionality, allowing for easier personalization while maintaining the flow of your lifestyle.

Adding Warmth

When it comes to color, we are seeing people begin with a simple base. By starting with a neutral color on cabinets and walls (like white or gray), you can add your own style elsewhere based on your comfort level.

With the neutral base in place, you can add splashes of color through accent walls, pillows, and rugs. We have been adding warmth to rooms through these color splashes, which can make a home feel more inviting. Soft beige tones are becoming popular as well in cabinetry and furniture. These design techniques allow a room to not become muted with too much white or gray.

This trend of simplicity paired with warm color accents has made its way onto home exteriors as well. There was a time when exteriors of homes had a lot of finishes, but now, the trend is simplicity. We’re seeing less red, busy brick. Now, we’re painting brick with whitewash, simplifying it with white trim, and accenting with fixtures and roofs that bring out warm hues.

In-Home Entertainment

One major pandemic-related trend has centered around in-home entertainment. Instead of going out as much, people have been using their homes for entertainment purposes. And this lifestyle shift has created interesting trends in home design.

People have focused design attention on their kitchens as something more than just a cooking space. Kitchens have stepped up a notch or two as people are cooking from home. We’re designing butler pantries, along with enhanced design around high-end appliances to spice up the in-home cooking experience.

Walk-up bars in the kitchen are popular right now too. They’re near the ice maker, the refrigerator, and the sink. Guests can gather near the walk-up bar while the host makes a meal. We’ve even designed seating specifically focused on the bar area. (And the host can use the counter space as a serving station.)

Depending on the home’s floor plan, we’re designing outdoor entertainment spaces that serve as an extension of the kitchen’s entertainment space. Open up the doors and cook outside while your guests move between the kitchen’s walk-up bar and the outdoor living area.

Mix It Up

When it comes to the finer details of in-home design, we’re seeing some refreshing trends. Gone are the days where everything has to match. This style allows us to utilize mixed metal fixtures as a way to add some excitement to a room, creating a more interesting and inviting home. This trend in mixed fixtures translates to furniture as well, allowing us to use tables and chairs to pull in tones from mixed fixtures.

Wood is back, and our clients are using it to offset matching interior spaces. Some of our clients use wood with warm hues, whether it’s in their floor choice or their oven hood. Even countertops can incorporate a warm wood tone.

Color accents are breaking up the standard gray and white. We’re seeing these accents come through appliances and floor color choices. On home exteriors we are using a mix of materials similar to the example pictured below.

Daily Functions

Not surprisingly, home offices have been a major focus of interior design during the pandemic. We’ve focused on office placement, situating the office downstairs or near the back of the house to help with soundproofing. Glass doors on home offices are another major trend. This allows family members to signal into the office while providing the option to open the doors and extend the home’s space when the room is not in use.

Another functional trend revolves around separating spaces. With more people entertaining at home, the main level is becoming a popular entertainment space for adults. But that has created a need for kids to have their own space. We are regularly designing the living space for adults on the main floor, while creating entertainment spaces in the basement for kids, complete with a refrigerator for soft drinks and juices.

Talk with a Designer

It’s never too early to involve a designer in your process. If you’re building a new home, designers can weigh in during the planning phase, which allows a home to flow based on your lifestyle. We also guide homeowners through the process of remodeling a home to fit their vision.

Having the guidance of an expert in interior design can make the process so much easier, allowing you to focus on the fun aspects of designing your home. Contact us at Interior Design Consulting today and let us help you along the way.

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